Unique Women's Retreats

in South Australia

Tap, Create & Flow - Art to Ignite Your Soul!

Unique combinations

of EFT Tapping with Meditative Arts

to clear blocks to being creative

and open up your more authentic self!

"A great balance of activities, some down time, and food/tea breaks. The tapping definitely allowed me to open up to creativity and get in the zone. It changed my way of seeing myself and my creativity."


"A well organised and very enjoyable day!"


"EFT is a great way to break the resistance to being creatively 'arty'. I would not underestimate the deep work and release that happened, without us even knowing it consciously happened. The food was great and very generous, thank you!"



Our Unique Women's Day Retreats are a nurturing time to clear subconscious blocks and open yourself up to grow your intuitive creative self. You can then be more authentic to yourself as you go through life.

Let us help you Press Pause as we guide you through processes based in arts and ancient Chinese healing to reassess where you're at in life, what you want to feel more of, and gently open deeper parts of your knowing as you dial down your thinking mind and get closer to your true self.

Our combinations of EFT Tapping with Meditative Arts are very unique offerings worldwide! You won't find anything like it elsewhere.

We use the gentle and highly-effective tool of EFT Tapping (guided self-applied acupressure - no knowledge required!) to clear your blocks or limiting beliefs about being creative and intuitive. Common fears and worries about not doing the art well enough, fear of letting go or doing something imperfectly, worry about your art being judged by the other participants, self-doubt that you can be (more) creative, and other blocks!

And we weave this with the creative art dream-collaging, meditative mandala-making or a weekend selection of different arts and activities.

"The total process of creation is permeated by hidden turns, elusive searches and subtle appearances". Shaun McNiff in Trust The Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go



You don't need to be an "arty" person to attend these women's retreats (but it's great if you are!) - we'll guide everyone in the group to open up to their more creative side!

Similarly, no prior experience of tapping is needed; your two expert hosts guide you in everything. Regardless your level of tapping or artistry, you will find this day inspires you as you move forward to a more exciting future!



Lareen is an Adelaide-based Women's Coach for Stress Release & Emotional Freedom. Her passion is empowering women to better understand their stress and negative emotions and helping them offload these so they can transform to greater lightness, excitement and freedom to live a life they truly enjoy. In the retreats, Lareen guides you in gentle but powerful EFT Tapping methods to help you reduce emotional and subconscious blocks to your creativity and dreams and to open up to a fabulous retreat time! Lareen is owner & practitioner at Tapping Into Serenity, and an Advanced EFT Practitioner with the world's largest non-profit EFT training association, EFT International.


Bindi is a wonderful South Australian artist, arts educator and academic with a real passion for arts-based ways of learning from community and indigenous perspectives. She loves bringing art to everyone, including women whose artistic or creative side was squashed or not encouraged in the past, or those who want to explore their creativity in new ways. In the retreats Bindi guides us in conversational meaning-making activities with creative and meditative arts which open space for you to explore your inner self and connect with more of your fuller potential. Bindi is owner, resident artist and and arts educator at Space To Create.



at Port Elliot SA

"A perfect venue, very easy to work in and comfortable. A beautiful energy here - a peaceful and grounding place"

"I loved this space. What a gift to be here for the whole weekend!"

This new dedicated arts venue is the vision of Bindi MacGill, an experienced South Australian arts educator, academic and visual artist. Located at Mentone Road East in Chiton, in the hinterland of Port Elliot on South Australia's southern coast, the Space is just 1 hour's drive from Adelaide

Space To Create supports activities which focus on arts-based methods to enhance participants' confidence and motivation to reach their unrealised aesthetic that aligns with their values and worldview.

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