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Tapping Into Serenity

Hi there, I’m Lareen Newman and I specialise in helping women and girls to release stress and negative feelings about their work/study, life and health.

I am an Advanced EFT Tapping Practitioner who can help you understand & offload what’s blocking you, as well as teaching you basic EFT tapping for self-care.

Break through to your brighter future with more calmness, clarity, confidence and energy!

Maybe you want to feel…

Less stressed and more relaxed more often

Less self-doubt or shame & more confidence

Fewer aches & pains and more settled in yourself

Less irritated, less angry, less resentful and more joyful

Less frustrated with life and more hopeful about your future

Less weighed down by emotional baggage and your past

More freedom, peace and lightness in your mind and body

Wishing you could just break free from this and feel better!

“I came to Lareen feeling chronically stressed about work and home with headaches and tight neck all the time. I’m now actually feeling inspired!”

Jane, Senior Government Manager

“I’ve had three sessions so far with Lareen and each one has completely blown me away with how quickly we get to the heart of the issue… and for transformative healing to occur.

Claire, Researcher & Midwife

“After working with Lareen on some of my career apprehensions, my outlook totally changed. I felt empowered to go after what I truly want to do!”

Jackie, Small Business Owner


Sun 11 June 2023, 75mins

“Offload Anger, Resentment and Irritation

with EFT Tapping”

1pm Adelaide (eg 1.30pm Sydney, 10.30am East-Asia, 3.30pm NZ)

Most women have more suppressed anger and resentment than they realise!

Maybe you don’t even see how much it’s adding to your stress.

Come and offload some pent-up emotion from your nervous system.

And learn how to do this regularly with self-care tapping! (no EFT experience needed)

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Book today! Meditative Mandalas Women’s Day Retreat

Saturday 5th August 2023, Port Elliot South Australia

Spend a wonderful day stepping into a sacred space to reignite your inner essence!

This is a unique experience of tapping to reduce your creative blocks and opening your spirit through the ancient practice of mandala-making.

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Your Pathways To Serenity!


Online or in-person, a private session or package aims to reduce your stress and tension so you can feel better and start transforming your life!


Specialised 9-week personal freedom programs to really start on your Burnout Recovery or to Change My Life Direction, or Break Free from Feeling Not Good Enough


Relax and rejuvenate with like-minded women at unique retreats in South Australia that combine EFT tapping with creative & meditative arts!


Contact Lareen to discuss more about how she can help you, or book your free 20 minute call to set aside a specific time to talk.

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