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Welcome to

Tapping Into Serenity

with Dr Lareen Newman PhD…

Work-Stress & Life-Stress Specialist

for Professional and Academic Women and Girls

Are you really tired of struggling with the stress of a high-pressure work or study environment?

Or work-life imbalance? Maybe you feel anxious or like you’re never good enough. Or you’re tired of being a perfectionist?

Perhaps things even feel toxic and your health and relationships are suffering,

or your stress is showing up as physical aches and pains?

Well, there is a way forward – I help women and girls like you to breakthrough to a different future

so you’re more free to live the life that YOU want to live!


Tired, exhausted or even burnt out (or close to it!)

Frustrated that things never seem to change

Totally overwhelmed with work, study &/or life

That you never feel relaxed or joyful

Fearful about a talk, meeting, interview or exam

That you’re not good enough, or an imposter

Fed up with your stress-related aches and pains

Weighed down by emotional baggage from your past

Or other unpleasant feelings, thoughts or beliefs.

The good news is… Lareen can help you!


*Unique Creative Arts & Tapping*



– 19 February 2022 –

A wonderful relaxing day with like-minded women, nurturing you and guiding you to open up to YOUR dreams!

6 places available – 4 places left

Fully Personalised Help

Lareen provides one-to-one private consultations to fully guide you with releasing stress and tension from mind, body and spirit, so you don’t have to think what to do! She works online via Zoom, and in-person in Adelaide. Lareen also runs group stress-release workshops and relaxing retreats with a difference.

Lareen always addresses what’s bothering you most right now. If you want to do more clearing, then she will plan a tailored Emotional Freedom Strategy with you. Many women and girls find that the EFT Tapping method works when nothing else has worked for them. You’ll love the changes in yourself (and others often notice too)! Find out more below, or in the Services and Resources tabs above.

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Here’s how Lareen has helped others like you to get change despite everything going on


“I came to Lareen feeling chronically stressed about work and home with headaches and tight neck all the time. In the week after my session I didn’t have a headache for the first time in months. I’m now actually feeling inspired!”


“Lareen is so lovely, understanding and non-judgemental; she’s genuinely interested in helping to resolve issues… It was helpful in managing my stress level”


“After 4 sessions I was feeling less anxious and much more hopeful about my studies. I now do things I wouldn’t have been able to do if it weren’t for the tapping!”

VIDEO (3min): Bindi – Senior University Lecturer

I was on the edge of burnout continuously…

I’ve tried lots of different things but this is the one that’s actually really worked for me.

So I highly recommend – if you want transformation and to enjoy life and find yourself again – this is the way to do it, with Lareen!”

Introducing Dr Lareen

Hello! I’m Lareen Newman PhD. I’m really passionate about helping women and girls break free from the work-stress, study-stress and life-stress, and their physical impacts, that are holding them back from a better life. We can’t change your situation, but we CAN change your emotional reactions and help you feel calmer. Many people don’t even know that this IS POSSIBLE!

Let me help you just like I’ve helped many others before. Clients tell me they like my uniqueness as a woman-centred stress-release coach and emotional therapist, who brings years of experience in academic and professional roles, and who herself was a high-achieving student.

Let’s discuss how I can help you and if I’m the right person for you: You can either: email me via the Contact Tab above, phone or text me any time on 0490 225 996, or if you’d like a specific day/time to talk, then book a free 20-minute Clarity Call today via the buttons below. Let’s speak soon!


Whether face-to-face or online, a private session or package will reduce your worries and tension, and start to transform your life!


Join Lareen in a weekly stress release group online to take the edge off your stress levels, and learn self-care tapping.


Relax and rejuvenate with like-minded people at unique retreats in Adelaide that combine EFT tapping with other energy-techniques or meditative arts!


Contact Lareen to discuss more about how she can help you, or book a free Clarity Call to set aside a specific time to talk via phone or Zoom

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