Lareen offers a variety of individual support for stress-release and goal achievement to Academic and Professional Women and Girls:

Private sessions online (Zoom) or in-person in Adelaide

Session Packages (which offer a discount)

Special Programs


Lareen is available weekdays daytime and evenings (10.30am to 9pm), and most Saturdays (10am til 3pm). She works in- person and online on Adelaide-time (ACST/ACDT), but online bookings can be made in your timezone equivalent (check your time here). This equates for example to London mornings, Hong Kong and New Zealand daytime, New York evenings).

Read below for more details about private consultations with Lareen.

Initial Consultation

Lareen starts by understanding your stress-release or performance goal, and then starts reducing your current stress or emotional blocks. Lareen will guide you to lightly tap acupoints on your head and upper body. This calms your mind and nervous system and opens space to see things differently. Working on your current stress or blocks often leads to you identifying deeper issues that have been waiting to be cleared, and Lareen helps you with that too, if and when you’re ready.

Follow-up Sessions

Some women and girls just want a single session for a pressing issue. But most stress, anxiety or worry has been building for some time, maybe even to the point of fatigue or burnout, and this benefits from more concerted work. You may also want to start addressing lifelong emotional baggage that you realise you’re now ready to break free from. Follow-up sessions are usually scheduled weekly or fortnightly at first so that you start to feel the difference in yourself. As your mind, body and emotions transform, Lareen will discuss with you what frequency will best suit you; some clients just move on to a monthly or 6-weekly maintenance session to keep them on an even keel, and prevent another build-up.

Session Packages

Prepaid packages of between two and nine private sessions are a great way for you to commit to some really solid work towards greater emotional freedom. You can reduce the intensity of what’s been holding you back recently, or maybe what’s been dragging you down for most of your life! Committing to a package may be just what you need to head in a new direction or if you want to clear more complex issues. These packages give you a discount on booking individual sessions. Feel free to contact Lareen to discuss what will suit you best. View all packages here.

Special Programs and Retreats

Lareen offers special programs for different audiences and topics,

as well as lovely weekend and day retreats.

Click below for more details:

Women’s Dream Collage Day Retreat, 9 October 2021, Adelaide

Writer’s Block Special 1:1

EFT Tapping Group for Academic Women

Online sessions and workshops are held via Zoom videoconferencing.

In-person sessions are held in Lareen’s private studio in Adelaide,

and Retreats also in Adelaide.

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