Lareen offers a variety of support for your stress-release,

and clearing blocks to your performance or goal achievement

Maybe you can't change your situation, but we CAN offload your stress and emotional baggage, even unresolved trauma. This will change how you feel for the better. Many women don't even know that this IS POSSIBLE!

Clients say they like my uniqueness as a stress-release coach and emotional therapist who totally focuses on empowering women.

Initial Consultation

Lareen starts by getting some background information from you to understand your overall stress-release or performance goal. She then begins guiding you with some simple EFT tapping acupressure to reduce a stress, tension or worry that you're feeling today. Lareen works in partnership with you to then decide what is the most important and also the safest-feeling issue to make a start on. Working on your current stress or blocks may lead to you identify deeper issues that have been waiting to be cleared, and Lareen helps you with that too when you're ready.

$150 (1.5hrs)

Follow-up Sessions

Some women just want a single session or a few sessions for a pressing issue or two, or to try EFT and see if it's for them. On the other hand, if stress has been building for some time, maybe even years, this can benefit from a series of sessions to do more concerted work. You may also want to start addressing lifelong emotional baggage or clearing the unresolved emotions from past traumas. As your mind, body and emotions transform, you can decide what frequency best suits you; some clients prefer weekly or fortnightly sessions to keep moving, others prefer monthly or 6-weekly sessions to keep balanced and prevent another build-up. Or they just return when they're in need again.

$110 (1hr) or $100 in a 3-pack.

$135 (1.5hrs) or see session packages below

Lareen Newman eft tapping

Session Packages

Prepaid packages of 3 or 6 sessions are a great way for you to commit towards your greater emotional freedom goals or uncover your authentic self! Or simply so you don't have to keep making one-off payments. You can get on top of things to reduce the intensity of what's been holding you back recently, or what's dragged you down most of your life! Committing to a package may be just what you need to head in a new direction or to clear more complex issues. Do contact Lareen if you would like to discuss what will suit you best.

1hr sessions - 3-pack = $300

1.5hr sessions - 3-pack = $390, or 6-pack = $765

Online work with Lareen is via an easy Zoom video call (Lareen sends you the link).

In-person sessions are held in Lareen's serene and cosy Adelaide studio.

Lareen can work with you weekdays and evenings 10.30am to 8pm

and Saturdays 10am til 2pm

She works mainly online on Adelaide-time

(ACST/ACDT - equates eg to London mornings, Hong Kong & New Zealand daytime).

Online bookings are made in your timezone.

You can pay online via credit card or Paypal from wherever you are in the world.

(USA: sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately my insurance means I cannot take private clients from the USA or US territories)

Get In Touch

If you have a query or question, or would like more information, send your query in the box below

Or if you're in Australia, then you also have the option to phone or text


CALL/TEXT (Australia):

0490 225 996


Tapping Into Serenity

Glenalta (Adelaide)

South Australia

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