Does EFT Tapping actually work - you might be wondering!

Well here are just some of the many comments

that I've received from professional and academic women

after releasing stress and tension in their EFT Tapping

sessions and programs with me.

Seeing these wonderful changes is why I continue to do what I do!


Lareen helped me transform my negative patterning that had been blocking joy, trust and creativity.

Tapping is a transformative process that truly changes lives on a deep and profound level!

Thank you Lareen for your wisdom, insights and skill as an EFT practitioner.

Brenda, Lecturer


I've had three sessions so far with Lareen and each one has completely blown me away with how quickly we get to the heart of the issue, forge connections between the past and present, and for transformative healing to occur. Lareen skilfully facilitates the process with expertise, kindness and non-judgement, nothing seems to faze her! Working together I have experienced profound personal and professional changes already and cannot recommend Lareen and EFT enough.

Claire, Midwife & Researcher


Something has definitely shifted for me because I've been getting lots of overtime and not had those overwhelming feelings of resentment! It's been a godsend not to feel resentful for the last few weeks as it was so draining I can tell you! It just feels so freeing, like I can cope with what life throws at me without those feelings in every area of my life. I'm going to keep the tapping up and start working on other issues because it definitely helps!

Sarah, Healthcare Worker


I just wanted to share how I drove home [after my second session] with the music up loud, bopping and singing along, and feeling so so happy. I haven't felt like this in such a long time - especially after a horrible day at work - and I'm so thankful that I'm starting to release so much already and I'm feeling this good.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Rachel, Retail Manager


Lareen has a gift. I felt comfortable with her from our very first conversation, she just has a beautiful aura about her. I loved our tapping sessions at a time I was feeling overwhelmed, having made the decision to resign from my employment and start my own business. From big issues to tiny decisions that I was stuck on, tapping helped me with them all. Especially the day I declared I was too tired, wired and overwhelmed to tap and Lareen convinced me that was a perfect time to tap! It was! I regained my calm, my focus got what needed to be done completed and I had a wonderful sleep! I look forward to tapping with Lareen again in the future.

Ann, Lawyer


I came to Lareen feeling chronically stressed from my current work and home life, with headaches and tight neck all the time. In the week after my first session I didn't have a headache for the first time in months! I'm feeling so bizarrely confident about my work situation now, I'm now actually feeling inspired! I love the way EFT calms my body and opens up space to think about things in a different way.

Julie, Senior Government Manager


Thank you so much for all your valuable help guiding me in the EFT sessions. I truly appreciate your genuineness in trying to resolve my issues and offer advice, tips and useful links. It was lovely working with you and I definitely feel calmer each time I leave your serene sanctuary.

Mary, Full-Time Carer


After working with Lareen in 26 sessions over a year, on a range of complicated life issues - including self-worth, family dynamics and deep-seated childhood trauma - I feel like I'm getting back to my authentic self. I'm also more self-aware of who I am now, my strengths and weaknesses. And I see that my whole "not good enough" thing that permeated my life was making me not want to try at all. I can now look at things objectively and not get emotionally caught up any more with my parents. Now I'm in this new zone; it's like I've shedded an old skin and I'm getting a new one!

Emma, Life Adventurer


I came to Lareen in the midst of a pending emotional collapse – I was facing an important work presentation, coupled with some distressing personal issues. I engaged Lareen for a session to overcome my nerves and minimise distress from external factors. I found the session informative and engaging, and I was also able to do some tapping discreetly during the meeting to calm myself down and stay focussed. It was a very valuable session for me. I highly recommend these sessions for women looking to overcome professional stress and anxiety.

Monique, Lecturer


I was experiencing a bit of a career block and not sure about my next step. I‘d been thinking about starting my own business or a long time, but had always talked myself out of it. After working with Lareen on some of my apprehensions, my outlook totally changed. I felt empowered to go after what I truly want to do. I’m now in the starting stages of setting up my own business thanks in big part to that session.

Jackie, Small Business Owner


Thank you for your perseverance yesterday Lareen. I felt in a good place after our session so I cancelled the afternoon and allowed myself to soak in the experience of peace without any expectations of myself. I wasn't on high alert for about 80% of the day - yeh! There was no clutter in my head, jiggling around in the background. That's a rarity. I think you really did understand when I said I can't keep living my life this way with all this trauma backed up in my head. Thanks so much for your help. 

Ann, Full-time Carer


Lareen, thank you so much for the session the other day. I felt light all day and the following day I tapped through a difficult situation and it helped a lot to mellow down!

Linda, Health Professional


After each session I feel so much better than I did when I came in, and I always walk away with a positive mindset. After four sessions I was feeling less anxious and much more hopeful about the future in relation to my nursing studies. After more sessions, I now do things I wouldn't have been able to do if it weren't for the tapping! I haven't got upset, and I can also calm myself quicker than usual when I'm getting stressed.

It's great how much better I am on placement after a few sessions of tapping. I would highly recommend Lareen, I always feel comfortable and welcomed, and much lighter after a session. Tapping is amazing! [Update: "I'm officially a registered nurse! I couldn't have done it without your help Lareen!"]

Jess, University Student


Lareen really got to a deep understanding of my issues and guided me ever so gently out of my stressors, clearing old emotional issues for good. Her research background (having done her PhD) means she knows how to research, how to read research academically and then apply it to your personality and unique issues. I felt she always delivered the best therapy for me in such an individualized, non-judgemental and understanding way, which gives her a real edge over other types of therapies and therapists I have tried. I highly recommend Lareen and have personal experience of her skills in a large number of sessions.

Andrea, Senior Nurse


Lareen, I would like to thank you for the EFT therapy session, the healing I have experienced is far more reaching than I ever expected. I would like to share my story with those thinking of experiencing an EFT session with you and are not yet sure if it works, I can testify that it does indeed work! I had a very traumatic experience on public transport in my early teenage years. I was just 15 yrs old when I witnessed the horrific death of a little boy, taken from the screen of life in seconds, whilst his Mother watched on helpless. I am now 71 yrs old and the trauma of this event never left me, it has caused me much anxiety, fear and even guilt. I have tried to bury this memory throughout my life and thought I had…..needless to say unsuccessfully, as up it came when triggered by another person’s similar experience. I made the decision to enter into EFT therapy with Lareen and am so pleased I did. It was simply amazing. Lareen was so patient and in the 90 minute session helped me clear every aspect of the incident, from traumatised faces, sounds, anxiety, fear and the guilt connected to the event that was crippling me. As I was driving home after, I realised just how much this traumatic event had affected me.

As I began my journey home after the session, an overwhelming feeling came upon me that I had left something behind. I pulled over in preparation to turn around; I was feeling lighter, and then it suddenly dawned on me that what I was experiencing was the letting go of the weight of all the emotional baggage I had been holding onto for 55 years, it was quite a surreal feeling, one that I will not forget. I noticed in the weeks following there were activities I would previously have to think twice about doing due to anxiety; I also have more confidence in carrying out some daily tasks that used to be outside of my comfort zone. I would like to encourage anyone thinking of attending EFT therapy to pursue it with all of your might as it has the potential to change your life! Whilst this was my experience for this particular therapy session, other sessions I have had have varied - sometimes taking 48hrs for me to notice changes taking place. Everyone has varied experiences, not all being the same. But my wish for everyone is to experience Emotional Freedom and to return to wholeness using this amazing Technique. I am so grateful!

G, Senior Nurse

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