A 9-week Emotional Freedom Program

might be just what you need.

Let Lareen help you recover and heal to flourish!


Many women have had so much stress that they're totally exhausted and can't see how to move forward. Or maybe you've burnt out before and recovered for a while, but now you want more lasting improvement. In this program Lareen guides you with EFT Tapping to identify and uncover the unresolved emotions and subconscious blocks that are keeping you exhausted. You'll open space for renewed energy to move forward, plus you'll feel new hope and enthusiasm!

Your 3 stages: Relief, Shift, Expand


It's not unusual to get to a stage in life where you feel stuck. And you know something just has to change, but you don't know how. You may not even know what's stopping you! In this program Lareen will help you set goals for change, and guide you with EFT Tapping to release what's blocking you. She will also help you offload past emotional baggage so you're free to head in a new direction!

Your 3 stages: Get Unstuck, New Story, New Direction

"The 9-week Burnout Recovery program with Lareen really solidified and anchored my compass. Having a focused program, I let go of things, found my direction and got clarity about my decisions. New and unseen openings have arrived!"

(Brenda, Academic)

Lareen works live and directly 1-on-1 with you (no group work involved).

Set your thinking brain on hold and start to feel better as you release stress and exhaustion

to rejuvenate and heal your spirit and true self.

Start setting yourself free right now!

Then wonder "what else is now possible!"

"I am so grateful that I reached out to Lareen... it enabled me to make a commitment to undertake 9 sessions which we spread out over three months. This gave us the time and opportunity to explore the many challenging issues that were leading to me feeling overwhelmed, anxious, full of self doubt and unable to think clearly, at a pivotal time of my life. I felt safe and supported throughout the sessions and equipped with skills to reflect and work on issues between sessions. Using the Reflections booklet that Lareen provided for the program, I was able to clearly see my progress from Stage One to Stage Three. I can highly recommend this Program and Lareen as an EFT Practitioner. (Anne)


A real focus on YOU and how you feel

An emphasis on feeling better from day one

A weekly 90-minute private 1:1 session with Lareen (Zoom or in-person) to release stress & shift beliefs

Email or text support between sessions

Guidance in self-care tapping for stress first-aid

A beautiful reflections book (hard &/or e-copy)

Free guided tapping audio meditations

Resources and handouts suited to your situation.

Here's feedback from Tracey, a health practitioner: "I had become the parent who I didn't want to be - my mum! Under the pressures of being a single parent, I was frequently triggered by my daughter's behavior. I would yell and scream at her, distressing us both.  It was the fear of not being in control from the unresolved trauma and adverse events I experienced as a child. I am so grateful I worked through those with Lareen, who is such a nurturing and empowering human. Life changed direction for us and I haven't screamed in six months!

Book your full program and commit to change right now!

Your investment for a full program is just AUS $1,225.


just start with Stage 1 (AUS $460) and when you love the changes

then pay in instalments for Stages 2 & 3 (AUS $420 each)

Whether you choose the full program or the stages,

you will receive absolutely EVERYTHING you'll need (see box above).

All programs may be taken over 3 months, or 5 weeks intensively.

(If you are outside Australia, Lareen's booking system allows you to pay in your own currency via Paypal or credit card;

please note that my insurance means I cannot take clients from the USA or its territories)


Book a free 20-minute Clarity Call

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Or maybe right now you're just ready to try a single session.

That's fine. Lareen will start from whereever you're at.


Using the tabs below, either book yourself straight in to your chosen program

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