EFT Tapping in the News

©Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK

Finger tapping technique can ease anxiety in under 10 minutes

Oct 2023

©Peta Stapleton

The Conversation

Feeling stressed? It's a bit weird, but EFT tapping helps!

Dec 2021


GP Patient Info

The UK's website providing GPs with patient information: EFT to stop cravings

Dec 2021

©Allen & Unwin

ABC News

Journalist Peter Lloyd tells how EFT helped him to recover from PTSD.

Jan 2022

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Under The Skin

Celebrity Russell Brand on how tapping reduces pain & improves life.

Jan 2021

Healing Thru Love

Lareen talks about how EFT can help women address their work stress.

Sept 2022

©Lesly Juarez

Daily Express UK

Increasingly research is showing how EFT Tapping is curing phobias.

Nov 2023

EFT Tapping Human Touch

©Kelly Sikkema

Elle Magazine

EFT Tapping is the anxiety management method that is all about human touch

June 2020

Self-Help Videos for Work Stress and Life Stress

Lareen has created short videos where she guides you for some quick stress relief.

Click an image to watch the video (mostly just 8-12 minutes).

Feel free to repeat each one as often as you need!

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