Dr Lareen Newman, BA(Hons) PhD

MY PASSION: I am so passionate about my role as a Women’s Coach and EFT Tapping Therapist helping women like you to break free from the WORK STRESS that’s keeping you stuck! Maybe you can’t change your work or home situation, but I can certainly help you CHANGE YOUR EMOTIONAL REACTIONS and REDUCE YOUR STRESSLOAD. This will help you break emotionally free, regain control, and feel happy again. Or maybe you want to boost your performance, which we can do by clearing your limiting beliefs and b blocks to increase your confidence. Either way, you won’t need any willpower! I fully guide you.

MY EXPERIENCE: I spent over 30 years working and studying in high-demand environments, including international banking, not-for-profits, universities, and federal government. I spent 15 years in Australian universities as a researcher, a research institute deputy director, a PhD supervisor, an academic mentor, a journal editor, grant reviewer and research advisor. Most recently, from 2016 I worked as grant development adviser to junior, mid-career and senior academics, including some of the world’s top professors, helping them win over $11 million in major research funding from the ARC and NHMRC. And then there is home life… I am a mum to three children in their early 20s. So I know you want to do great job but you’re constantly frustrated or exhausted, maybe even completely depleted, and you just can’t do it all any more! Or perhaps you have a stress backlog that you want to clear, so you can move forward in your life.

MY OWN STRESS STORY: Quite a few years ago now, I found myself getting more and more stressed by the increasingly toxic environment of the unrealistic work demands of a modern university. My tension increased to the point of complete overwhelm, I was unable to relax or switch off at night, and eventually I seriously feared for my health. There was just so much to do and insufficient time to fit it all in, especially an email inbox that was impossible to keep on top of! I tried using my logic and better time management, but they only helped a little. And that’s when I came across Emotional Freedom Technique – or EFT Tapping acupressure. It worked when nothing else had, and it felt good to have a tool that I could use the basics of myself whenever I needed to calm down or release some negative feelings. My husband and children noticed my stress levels reducing and that I was calmer around home. I was so impressed, and intrigued with this technique, that I trained for 2 years and qualified as a practitioner so I could help my family and friends. And then I got really fired up when I realised I could help so many other women too. So, eventually I gave up my university “day-job” so that I could expand to running my business, from 1 day a week to full-time!

EMPOWERING WOMEN IN WELLBEING: I have a real passion for work that empowers women. Some of you know me from my work as a consumer advocate to make Australia’s maternity services more woman-centred (1997-2015). I sat on a government committees that wrote our state’s waterbirth policy, presented antenatal breastfeeding classes, taught evening classes on birth choices at Adelaide’s WEA, was a Board Member for the SA Health Consumers Alliance, and authored “Better Birth: The Definitive Guide to Childbirth Choices” (2006; 2012, New Holland Publishers). In the 2000s I supervised two fabulous PhD studies investigating women’s experiences of motherhood beyond Mount Everest in Nepal; one has now been turned into a book with the leading publisher Routledge.

MY QUALIFICATIONS: On top of my BA(Hons) in social geography, and a PhD in social science which looked at work, home and parenthood experiences influencing Australian women and men’s family size choices and work-life balance, I have been working with Emotional Freedom Techniques therapy (“EFT Tapping” acupressure) since 2015. I am qualified as an Accredited Certified Practitioner with EFT International – the UK-based charity and not-for-profit EFT standards association. I trained with the fabulously experienced Annie O’Grady (EFTi Mentor/Trainer in Adelaide), have received professional EFT mentoring from Dr Craig Weiner (USA), and Andy Hunt and Sejual Shah (UK), and mentoring from Gary Craig – the founder of modern EFT. I maintain accreditation with annual CPD and mentoring, and adhere to the conduct and ethics guidelines of, EFT International. In 2021 I am expanding my skills and knowlege even further as I train at Advanced Level to gain accreditation as an Advanced EFT Practioner.

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