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Along with thousands of case studies over the past 30 years, around 100 research studies have been conducted on EFT. Fifty of these are gold standard research studies (RCTs). Recent fMRI scans visually show that tapping calms your brain. In 2000, Harvard researchers found that tapping acupoints signals your brain's fear centre (amygdala) to dial down your response to stress and pain.

EFT can also be used for troubling memories or traumas by processing unresolved emotions associated with that event, so that you are just left with a factual memory. We have been led to believe we have to suffer forever, but EFT gently and effectively brings relief and has even been used in the USA to clear PTSD for over 20,000 war veterans. Research studies show EFT to be 3-6 times faster and more effective than other therapies probably due to its body-based component.

Studies on EFT

Stress Reduction in the Workplace

Public Speaking Anxiety

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EFT and Stress Biochemistry (RCT)

EFT Tapping in the News

©Radu Florin

SBS - Medicine Or Myth?

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May 2019

©Daan Stevens

Daily Mail UK

Alternative 'tapping' therapy could be used by the NHS to treat anxiety and depression

Jan 2014

©Lesly Juarez

Sydney Morning Herald

I tried 'woo-woo' tapping therapy and, for me, it worked

Nov 2019

©Kelly Sikkema

Elle Magazine

EFT Tapping is the anxiety management method that is all about human touch

June 2020

Lareen's Tap-Along Videos

Lareen has created various short videos for quick stress relief. Click to watch.

Tedx Talk - The Effectiveness of EFT Tapping

Changes in the Brain with EFT

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A pilot randomised clinical trial by Peta Stapleton investigated the effect of Emotional Freedom Techniques on brain activation in response to food cravings.

Dec 2018

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