Workshops include stress release activities, stress management education, and takeaway resources. All workshops aim for participants to leave feeling calmer and more confident about their situation.

Intensives (3hrs) – provide more education, more hands-on practice, and more takeaway resources

Stress “First-Aid” workshops (60mins) ideal for “Lunch&Learn” sessions or “In-servicing”

Group Sessions (30mins) provide just a brief introduction to EFT tapping and some relaxation – ideal for a short break.

Workshops can be run singly or in combination as a program (at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals). All workshops can be tailored for your workplace challenges, or for specific groups eg different departments, different staff types/levels. Prices according to group size and number of events booked. Private individual follow-up sessions can be arranged for any/all participants, paid for or subsidised by the organisation, or the individual.

Effective Stress Management for Enhanced Performance (3hrs)

Many working women feel consistently stressed by high demands and struggle to find work-life balance. The Coronavirus situation has exacerbated this. This workshop provides a new understanding of stress and emotional intelligence. Participants learn and practice the basics of the stress-management tool of EFT Tapping Acupressure, and will reduce their stress on at least two current worries or concerns. They will leave feeling calmer and able to apply the tool before, during and after work for clearer thinking and enhanced performance.

Easier Goal Achievement in Work or Study

(60 mins)

This workshop helps women clear barriers to at least two of their main goals. Whether it’s wanting to be more focused or productive with work/study-from-home during COVID-19, or wanting to reduce frustration with clients or lack of success, clients will remove limiting beliefs and emotional barriers to moving forward. They will leave feeling more optimistic of attaining at least one goal. (Can also be presented as a shorter 90min workshop, or more in-depth as 2x3hrs).

Stress Relief “First Aid” for Your Working Day

(60 mins)

If you can’t change your work context or work stresses, you can apply the basics of EFT Tapping as a stress-management tool to calm yourself without needing willpower! In this workshop, participants will reduce their stress on at least one minor stress issue. They will leave feeling confident to apply the tool in daily life to reduce their usual stressed reactions and feel a little more in control.

Calmer Conference Presenting

(60 mins)

It is said that most people would rather die than present in public! But feeling nervous before or during a talk doesn’t have to be normal! In this workshop learn about and use the basics of EFT Tapping to clear at least one main fear about presenting in general, or about a forthcoming event. They will leave feeling more optimistic and confident about their next speaking event. This workshop can also be tailored specifically to reduce nerves about other public speaking eg meetings, interviews, client interaction, PhD viva/oral defence preparation, or exams.

Stress Relief “First Aid” for Higher-Degrees

(60 mins)

Many study stresses are emotional, so that trying to work harder just uses up students’ energy and leaves them frustrated, even more so with the added uncertainties due to Coronavirus. This workshops teaches the basics of EFT Tapping acupressure so that students can calm themselves without needing willpower. Participants each address at least one personal stress issue and leave feeling confident to apply the tool in daily life, to feel a little more in control and study with a clearer mind.

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