EFT Tapping Group

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Specially designed to help you survive modern university life!

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Switch off your mind, let Lareen guide you…

Modern academia can feel rather crazy! It makes you feel like you’re not good enough, there are too many demands yet you struggle to say no, and maybe you even wonder if you should be getting out of there.

Let Lareen guide you to dial-down your busy mind and body tension about all the pressures you’re facing right now: demands to publish (more) papers, pressure to win research funding, research projects that you just want time to do properly, teaching, plus of course administration and coordination… and maybe the insecurity of being on contract!

Why is this different? Lareen is a Women’s Coach for Stress-Release and Emotional Therapist who also has 15 years’ experience as an academic, and she every week she’s helping women just like you! Lareen uses the science-backed Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), which does exactly what it says – it frees you from the negative emotions that are keeping you stuck, and opens up space for clearer thinking. In that state you will then naturally find your own better solutions. If you have tried EFT before, you’ll know how well this group will help you with your current work and life situations. If you haven’t tried it, come and try! Join Lareen in a this 4-week block of online classes and you will leave feeling calmer, more in control, as well as nurtured!

‘”I’ve been struggling with general fatigue and burnout from a very long academic year.

Guided by Lareen, I was able to release my tiredness and frustration… and I felt peaceful and content at the end”.

Monique, Australian University Lecturer/Researcher

December 2020 Online Stress-Release Group

What will we do

Over the hour together, Lareen will guide the group to each focus on one of their current stresses or bothersome issues. You will work on your own issue on mute, so you can keep the details completely private. EFT Tapping is a practical tool that Lareen finds works really well for her female clients who often struggle with mindfulness or relaxation, because tapping requires no willpower or mind-focus.

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What other benefits will I get?

In these classes with other like-minded women you will:

· Be committing to some regular downtime for your busy mind

· Become empowered to redefine your relationship with work and your work-life balance

· Receive support in a small group (max 8 per class) and takeaway resources

· Add a new dimension to your stress first-aid for quick use anytime anywhere!

Why Lareen can help

Lareen totally understands the types of stress and tensions you face, as she has first-hand experience through 15 years of academic and professional experience in Australian universities. She uniquely combines this with her qualifications and experience as a Women’s Stress-Release Coach and Emotional Therapist. Every week she is helping female academics across Australia to feel better about themselves and their work and life. Her vision is to see women clear whatever is blocking them from sharing their gifts with the world and finding more joy, love and peace.

If you need more help…

These group sessions focus on taking the edge off your stress level or reduce your goal barriers. They are also a great introduction to EFT Tapping and to working with Lareen if you would rather try this before you buy a private session or package. If you’re not ready for the group yet, why not contact Lareen to discuss other options, join her mailing list in the sign-up box below, or follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn @LareenNewman or on Instagram and Facebook @TappingIntoSerenity

EFT Tapping Group for Academic Women

Tuesdays 7.30pm Adelaide time, April 13, 20, 27 & May 4, 2021

$140 for 4-weeks


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