Insightful decluttering with EFT

Recently I've been exploring the stress, emotions and insightful moments that can arise when decluttering. Research says clutter is bad for stress and mental health for women. It leads to higher levels of stress hormones circulating in your body. Maybe this explains why you frequently feel tense about an uncontrollable mess around you? Maybe you don't even realise…


Heading for Burnout? 28 Signs

These days stress levels in many workplaces seem to be sky high. Many women seem to be under increasing demands to do more in less time, and are likely heading for burnout as they are being burdened with higher workloads (that actually need more than 100% of one person working full-time). However, employees can often feel that if…

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Why Stressed Women Don’t Need More Sleep

There seem to be a lot of stressed women around these days. They'd surely all love to get more sleep! When I look back on my life, I've had quite a few periods of high-stress. At one time, a lot of my stress was work-related, combined with the many demands of being a mum. Later on, my stress…


Sensitive Women & Work Stress

Work stress comes in many forms but sensitive women react more than others. Colleagues may say to you "Don't take work so seriously!", or "You're so sensitive!". Such comments can sound like a criticism of your very being. When people say this, or you say this to yourself, it can feel as if you shouldn't have these feelings.…

Your Negative Emotions: Are You Paying Attention?
It's so beneficial if you can acknowledge how you really feel

Your Negative Emotions: Are You Paying Attention?

We hear a lot about mental health these days, but little about emotional health. Are you a woman who struggles to acknowledge their negative emotions? Instead, you suppress them and soldier on. You may not recognise you're doing this or what the consequences are. My everyday business is helping professional and academic women to reduce and release their…


Should Women and Girls Express Anger?

Anger in Women & Girls I wonder if you saw the recent comments by Donald Trump, that he thinks young Greta Thunberg needs Anger Management Therapy to deal with her indignant feelings at the lack of action by the world’s leaders on Climate Change? I see part of the backlash against her as more about the leaders themselves…

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