Sanity Saver Sessions for

Busy Working Women

Specially designed to help you survive the modern workplace

and get through the next thing you’re facing!

Get more clarity, calmness and confidence!

Modern workplaces can feel rather crazy.

Whether you’ve hit a writing hurdle, you’re procrastinating about other things,

or are nervous about an upcoming meeting or presentation….

Let Lareen help you move forward by guiding you to dial-down your busy mind and body tension enough to continue immediately.

Choose one of these 1hr private sessions, online from wherever you are.

(Please note, sadly I am unable to take clients from the USA or its territories for insurance purposes).

I was facing an important presentation… I engaged Lareen for a session to overcome my nerves and minimise distress… I found the session informative and engaging, and I was also able to do some tapping discreetly during the meeting to calm myself down and stay focussed. It was a very valuable session for me. (Monique)

Calmer Presentation or Meeting AU$ 100 ($90 for students)

An online 1hr private session to help calm your nerves about your presentation, be that for a work or study presentation, conference, assignment, meeting or an interview. Lareen will guide you with science-based EFT tapping so you have already released worries and fears before you get to “the day”.

Get Writing Again!

AU$100 ($90 for students)

This online 1hr private session with Lareen will focus on your immediate need to get yourself going with your writing again. Certain worries or fears are usually in the way, whether you see them or not. Lareen will guide you to identify and reduce your main block to start writing again.

Procrastination Buster

AU$100 ($90 for students)

This online 1hr private session with Lareen will help you identify and reduce the block that’s stopping you from progressing. So that you can start to get going again! Please get on a free Clarity Call if you’d like more information from Lareen before booking your session.

Calm My Thesis Defence Nerves (Viva/Oral Defence)

AU$100 ($90 for students)

An online 1hr private session to take the edge off your stress and calm your nerves about your thesis defence (oral defence/viva). Lareen will guide you with science-based EFT tapping that reduces nervousness in mind & body and pre-processes your feelings and fears, so you feel that much more relaxed on the actual day!

I had come to a real block with being able to write the papers that I had due. After an hour tapping with Lareen about this and some related issues, I felt relieved but wasn’t sure if it would make any difference. But the very next day I was actually writing again and not feeling as bad. Next I want to tap for my chocolate addiction! (Karen)

Why is Lareen different?

Lareen is a Stress-Release Coach and Emotional Therapist

working specifically with Professional and Academic Women.

Every week she’s helping women just like you to

release their stresses and feel so much better!

Lareen uses the science-backed practical and very powerful tool

of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping)

This frees you from the grip of negative emotions and fears

and opens up space for clearer and calmer thinking.

You will actually feel the difference in your body, mind and spirit.

Who doesn’t need that in today’s workplaces!

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