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Acupuncture Without the Needles

For both stress management and performance enhancement, Lareen uses the highly effective complementary therapy of EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) - a physical technique that calms your emotions and which has a strong scientificevidence base behind it. Click here for links to research.

Working like “acupuncture-without-needles”, Lareen guides you to use EFT Tapping as a self-applied acupressure method to relieve the stress, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. It's easy and you don't need to remember what to do. You will be able to think more clearly, have room for new opportunities to come your way, and often your health and relationships also improve - great side-effects!

Addressing Emotions Not Logic!

Even though as a professional or academic woman you probably cannot change your work, study or family situation, you are no doubt clever so you try to find solutions with Logic or better Time Management. In fact what's usually the problem are our Emotional responses which researchers now suggest drive 95% of our behaviours.

In today's busy world, many women often don't have time to deal with their emotions or things that have happened, so they ignore them and soldier on. These emotions and unresolved events then whirr round and round in the background, contributing more to your stressload and draining your energy. Eventually you wonder why you feel so exhausted; maybe you are even suffering burnout or chronic fatigue, or are heading fast in that direction.

EFT Tapping acknowledges what's happening, resolve your emotional response, and rebalance your emotional brain and your logical brain. It helps you take back your power to gain emotional freedom.

Steps to Your Emotional Freedom


Often we have negative feelings or limiting blocks but don't really know what triggers them. That's fine - this process clears layers, like unwrapping a pass-the-parcel, to eventually find Happy You in the middle!


Even in a first session, Lareen focuses on you leaving feeling calmer. You may not fix all your problems and totally declutter in one go, but you will progressively lower the intensity of your stress to feel better, or clear the blocks to enhanced performance!


"Think positively" is the new catch-cry. But it often means you have to struggle to use your willpower to work against how you really feel underneath. EFT Acupressure acknowledges your emotions and works with them. Only from here can you move forward in life!

Why work with a Practitioner?

The basics of EFT Tapping can be done by anyone anywhere anytime for self-guided stress relief. However, accredited EFT Practitioners like Lareen are qualified to help you gain the benefits of EFT more quickly and easily, as well as for more challenging or persistent issues. While EFT is highly effective and relatively fast, that can also mean beginners quickly get themselves too deeply into intense emotions or old traumas that they don't know how to handle; then they think EFT does not work for them.

Lareen can help you in private sessions, groups or workshops, face-to-face or online. She will also teach you basic EFT to apply yourself in daily work and home life. As a skilled practitioner, Lareen keeps you safe and guides you to not only release and clear your current stress in your mind and body, but also to find the underlying causes of your problem towards more lasting Emotional Freedom. Check out the Testimonials page for how Lareen's already helped women like you.

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