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A variety of individual support is here for you in the form of Private sessions face-to-face or online and Packages. You might like to meet Lareen first on her Youtube Channel or in a free Discovery chat. Lareen is available all weekdays daytime and evenings, and most Saturdays. Corporate offerings and group sessions are also available.

Initial Consultation

Lareen starts by understanding your stress-release or performance goal, and will then start reducing your current stress level or emotional blocks to success. Lareen will guide you to lightly tap acupoints on your head and upper body. This calms your mind and nervous system and opens new space to see things differently.

Follow-up Sessions

Some women just want a single session for a pressing issue. But most stress has been building for some time, maybe even to the point of fatigue or burnout, and benefits from more concerted work. Follow-up sessions can be scheduled as frequently as you decide: daily, weekly, fortnightly or at other frequencies depending on your calendar and budget. Lareen is supportive of whatever option you choose; she doesn't want to add further to your stress!


Prepaid packages of between two and ten private sessions are a great way for you to do some solid work towards greater emotional freedom or goal achievement, and give you a discount over booking individual sessions. Committing to a package may be just what you need to head in a new direction or if you want to clear more complex issues. Feel free to contact Lareen to discuss what will suit you best. View all packages here.

All face-to-face sessions are held in Lareen's private studio in Adelaide.

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